Stephanie Friedman


A little about me

Every job represents both an opportunity and challenge and this enthusiasm and work ethic translates into a job well done.

I have been working as a PR specialist for almost twenty years in the areas of technology, entertainment, personal health, consumer fields. Before that I worked at WPIX TV (NYC) in media and from there went on as a publicist for Esquire Magazine. I then entered the corporate arena doing public relations work for such clients as Ecotrin, Nestle’s Crunch, Netjets (a Warren Buffett company) Pillsbury, Root Candles and Zuvo Water with The Spiralgroup and the five star Leela Hotels in India.

Current and recent national  tech clients have included the launching of the Zuvo Water Filtration System  , Evian AI App developed by  for the Iphone and Android systems, recently sold to Amazon. The launch of Airpush, one of the top mobile ad networks ,  Tunego  a music discovery network: Other recent  tech clients include: and In addition I have worked as the publicist for the CEG Entertainment Group and the Red Entertainment Agency in addition to being a freelance film publicist for several major film studios.  The list of my entertainment clients from film, television and music is numerous, from major record labels to independent music and film artists.

My contacts in the personal health and fitness areas are extensive, and I was instrumental in publicizing Nestles’ Crunch Walk Across America.  My success in launching the Downs Discs Core Fitness System developed by Ed Downs personal trainer to such superstar athletes as Alex Rodriguez, and Carlos Boozer and members of The Miami Heat resulted in placement and selling out of product on the QVC Network.  Feature stories included Men’s Fitness, Maxfit, Best Life, Exercise for Men Only, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Journal, Men’s Workout, Ms.Fitness, Women’s Health, Oxygen, All You, Exercise for Men Only, Fitness Magazine etc; in addition to top website placements and numerous national and local TV appearances for the client.

My work with the Root Candle Co. , helped garner major publicity and recognition for a company that had never had any prior press exposure. From placements in Martha Stewart to Real Simple, the company became recognized nationally and the exposure led the company to successfully launch several retail candle outlets. Recent work for The 5 Star Leela Hotels in India, has included features in The New York Times Sunday Travel Section, The NY Daily News, Global Traveler and many others.

I have extensive media contacts in every major US city, and my placement success over the years reflects this (Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NY Times, The Tonight Show, CNN, AOL, web 2.0 social networking sites, wire services, college press et. al). Writing bios, press releases, booking talent and designing press kits, online materials and media coaching are part but not all of what I do. Being based in the NYC metropolitan area, I have access to all important media outlets and personally know many of the major players.

 When I represent a client I work in tandem with the client team, tailoring my skills to their specific needs and am available to them 24/7; understanding that PR does not exist in a vacuum. It is just one component of a successful business strategy. Every job represents both an opportunity and challenge and this enthusiasm and work ethic translates into a job well done.